The Walk is one of two final projects, an animated student film and a movie poster, for my Digital Interactive Media class, junior year 2015.
First, I created the background scene for the animation - a cityscape, with a cemetery, on a dark night, illuminated only by the full moon.
Then, I created about a hundred still shots of my main character, a skeleton, in various stages of walking. Please keep in mind, this was my first animation ever. Therefore I chose something simple to animate. It was still very time consuming!
In the final film, I didn't use all of the background. It was much more than I actually needed. But I love the outcome. Have a watch!
Disclaimer: I completed this project a few months prior to the Robert Zemeckis and Christoper Browne movie about Philippe Petit's famous tight-rope walk between the twin towers of the WTC. It was also titled 'The Walk'. Any resemblance to actual movies, successful or not, is purely coincidental.

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