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A local business owner hired me to create a logo for his small, up-and-coming company. After our consultation we decided to expand the project to include the business' brand identity and to develop a marketing campaign to introduce Soap-N-Suds Mobile Detailing to the area.
Branding, Logo Design, Advertising, Digital, Print
As a staff designer for Four Seasons, I frequently was asked to design advertorials for products and services.
Advertorial, Print, Blog, Email
These are a collection of projects created as an art and graphic communication student at Murray State University. They consist of a little bit of everything from branding, illustration, film, posters, animation, and fine art projects.
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics
Another submission for ING Creative Festival. ING is using circles this year to represent unity. I like that. So to further emphasize my thoughts of unity I chose to include a compass depicting the many directions we have all come from to unite in one location.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Art
Pink Pewter is a designer and distributor of high quality hair accessories and decorations. They are adornments really! They are perfect for special occasions such as wedding days, graduation, prom and more. I designed this set of printed marketing materials to reflect this.
My final assignment for school was to design a branding system for a café in Los Alamos, NM based upon scientist Max Planck. On certain items we were only allowed to use a 1-color design. The logo itself could be no more than 2-colors and the menu was designed with 2-colors plus black.
Branding, Graphic Design, UI/UX
Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design
Christmas in July was a major sale event in the indoor tanning industry. I wanted to create a fun, memorable illustration starring Santa Claus on vacation to grab our audience's attention. I incorporated these illustrations in web banners and social media posts.
For this project, my direction was to not only promote the product but also to inform the audience about the uses of the product as well. For most designers, I believe they would be given the copy and brand style guides but for this project (and many others while working in this industry), it was my duty to research the project, write the copy as well as follow branding identity as much as possible with out a brand guide.
Smaller budgets can still have successful campaigns. This Versaspa campaign for Four Seasons is the perfect example. For this project, I was able to take the product images, the brand identity, and some carefully chosen GettyImages to create what ended up being a print, web, and social media campaign that not only successfully informed our customers about the latest line of Versaspa products but also helped the sales team exponentially.
Advertising, Digital, Print
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