THE ASSIGNMENT: To create a stylish, attention grabbing annual report worthy of the stock holders from the Cincinnati Art Museum. Must incorporate our own original photography.
THE CHALLENGE: How to incorporate my original photos cohesively with fine art and professional photos - all the while presenting a legible, memorable, eye-catching, yet accurate interpretation of this year's accomplishments, accessions, acquisitions, etc. In other words, take a plethora of disparate information and mold it into a palatable format for the masses.
THE SOLUTION: Once I settled on a 9-color scheme consisting of 3 blues, 3 greens, and 3 red/oranges, I decided to use original photos of my own, dew-covered lawn at dawn to accent and highlight their collections - while also using a series of color bars to assist in layout and hierarchy.
Museum and sponsor logos, as well as, all data and figures were provided by our instructor. The rest was a free-for-all.

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